December 5, 2023

The best top 8  18k gold plated earrings in Australia for 2023

Orange Cube 

Introducing the enchanting Wishing Tree earrings by Orange Cube, a delightful embodiment of the holiday spirit. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these earrings feature a whimsical Christmas tree design adorned with 18K Gold plating and faux stones. The centerpiece of these earrings, resembling a radiant Christmas star, captures the essence of the festive season – a time of love, togetherness, and cherished accomplishments.

The intricate craftsmanship and thoughtful design of the Wishing Tree earrings make them a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Whether you wear them to festive gatherings or simply to brighten your everyday look, these earrings are sure to evoke the joyful atmosphere of the holidays. Additionally, they serve as a heartwarming gift choice for someone special, allowing you to share the holiday spirit and create lasting memories. Embrace the magic of the season with these elegant and meaningful earrings from Orange Cube.

Composition: 18K Gold Plated, Synthetic Cubic Zirconia, S925 Based | Type: Drop | Delivery: Free over $100

Monica Vinader  

Created in a sustainable partnership between the antique-inspired label Monica Vinader and fashion brand Mother of Pearl, these exquisite hoops showcase thoughtful design. The inclusion of a captivating blue-flecked Keshi pearl adds a touch of freshness to the organic gold hoop, making it a versatile accessory suitable for any ensemble.

Composition: Gold vermeil, Keshi pearl | Type: Hoop | Delivery: Free over $300

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Alix Yang 

Australian brand Alix Yang adds a youthful flair to classic hoops with their padlock-inspired design. These earrings are perfect for pairing with structured pieces like a boxy blazer or tailored suit trousers.

Composition: 18k gold-plated brass | Type: Hoop | Delivery: Free over $50

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Carou’s hoop earrings, adorned with sculptural and chunky designs featuring intricate arcane motifs, are sure to make a statement. Despite their bold appearance, they remain versatile enough for everyday wear.

Composition: 24k gold-plated brass, 925 sterling silver | Type: Hoop | Delivery: Free over $50

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Amber Sceats

With a textured finish that adds an intriguing twist, Amber Sceats impresses once more with their gold-plated earrings, striking a balance between making a statement and maintaining subtlety.

Composition: 24k gold-plating | Type: Drop | Delivery: Free over $50

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Mejuri has solidified its position as the go-to destination for everyday jewelry seekers, and it’s easy to see why. Among their array of popular designs, the timeless and slightly robust Dôme style stands out as a favorite.

Composition: 18k gold vermeil, sterling silver | Type: Hoop | Delivery: Free standard shipping

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Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah and Sebastian, a fine jewelry brand, creates investment-worthy pieces. Their delicate and minimalist designs offer luxury without weighing you down. Take these gold drop earrings, adorned with bezel-set white diamonds, as a prime example.

Composition: 10k gold, bezel-set white diamonds | Type: Drop | Delivery: Free over $300

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Jennifer Behr

Unleash your inner mermaid with these earrings by Jennifer Behr, inspired by seashell shapes.

Composition: Gold-plated brass, pearls | Type: Drop | Delivery: Free shipping over $1000