April 25, 2024

Exult In Your Fashion Array, the ‘Jump’ Way!

Fashionistas today vouch for outfits that are contemporary, modern, comfortable, yet sassy. One such attire that ostentatiously displays all these attributes is the jumpsuit. It has intrepidly created a furore in the fashion industry and has conveniently become a “can’t do without” piece of clothing.

While jumpsuits for women have kicked off a trend, choosing one to suit your body type could be tricky. At VERO MODA, we proudly flaunt an exclusive range of women’s jumpsuits to fit any body type.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind regarding your body shape before selecting the correct jumpsuit for yourself:

  • Hourglass contour: 

This body shape has shoulders and hips in perfect proportion and a well-defined waist. Typically, any attire enhancing the look of your shoulders and waistline would be the right choice for this silhouette. 

To put things in the right light, a jumpsuit with a regular or plunging V-neck paired with a belt at the waist, a strapless corset finishing jumpsuit, or the cold-shoulder pattern would be the precise option for this body type. Thick fabrics such as denim could do wonders in this segment.

  • Rectangle contour:

Talk of perfect symmetry between the shoulder, waist, and hipline – this body contour fits the bill. Jumpsuits that are a little flowy, baggy-styled, or romper-styled would make you look exemplary. Adding a belt to accentuate your waistline could be another option that you could rely on for that picture-perfect style. 

Team these with flat sandals or flip-flops for the beachy look, wedges, or high-heels for the evening party – the combinations are innumerable.

  • Apple-shaped contour: 

The characteristics of this body silhouette are a larger chest and hips. You could flaunt a cold-shoulder or off-shoulder jumpsuit with panache. 

Most importantly, a light fabric could spin wonders in bringing out the stylish you. So, you could effortlessly opt for georgette or rayon with bold colors like black, navy blue, olive green, etc., and minimal patterns for the “you go girl” look.

  • Triangle-shaped contours: 

A petite chest graduating to a larger waistline and hips makes you eligible to fall under this category. Jumpsuits that have a flare or are bell-shaped, a little flowy at the bottom, would look amazing. Even head-to-toe loose pieces would make you feel chic. 

Opting for floral prints or simply waist-knotted versions of these, you are good to keep moving. Additional variations, like bell or flared sleeves, would give you a top-notch look.


Irrespective of your body shape, jumpsuits are universal fashion trailblazers in the world of leading clothing lines. Accessorize your look with the perfect footwear, statement jewelry pieces, and the right kind of bag, and you are out there to rule hearts!

If you have an iota of doubt regarding the ideal jumpsuit, hop into any VERO MODA store near you. We’ll present the solution in the blink of an eye. Our spectacular range of women’s jumpsuits, with expansive color and print options, could leave you yearning for more.