February 25, 2024

A Complete Guide On Women’s Tops

Every modern woman loves fashionable, comfortable clothes. Make them eco-friendly, adaptable, lightweight, and low-maintenance. The search is for fashionable women’s Tops that can express their individuality. These trendy pieces will always make a statement whether you’re going for a more casual or formal look. You probably have a few go-to shirts, but are they sufficient? One can always have a few well-made garments, right? Not! The time has come to embrace your inner fashionista with this assortment of chic women’s tops from ONLY and add to the collection!

How Can You Pick the Best Tops for Your Body Type?

Women’s diverse bodies are a blessing. These factors must be considered before following fads. Here are some tips for buying tops for women to wear with denim or a skirt:

  • Find out what your body type is first. Find out which group you fit into by comparing your body measurements to a chart.
  • Choose the crop tops that skim the bust and arms if your body type is pear-shaped. Use forms like V-necks, horizontal or asymmetrical stripes, or an A-line to make yourself look slimmer.
  • Women with an apple shape can look great in fitted tops that draw attention to the waist, layered tops in bold colours, and vertical stripes.
  • Women with an hourglass figure can pull off any style. Outfits in slim fat jackets, peplum tops, figure-flattering shirts, and low bust lines are all at your fingertips.
  • Try the flowy, stylish tops for women if you are a petite woman looking to amplify your figure.

Stylish and Attractive Women’s Tops 

Here are a few intriguing styles of the popular women’s tops currently on the market.

  • Intricate Work Neck Velvet Top:

Give this black velvet work-necked top a go. It can make you look put together without making you feel constrained. The shiny threads that adorn the collar will make you look feminine without wearing any jewellery. To always wow your guests, try wearing it with trousers or a skirt underneath.

  • Full Sleeve Crepe Polka Dot Top:

Polka dots are an evergreen style that comes in many varieties. Here, we have adorable women’s red tops with tiny spots in a monochromatic colour scheme. This blue shirt’s long puff sleeves and mandarin collar neckline elongate the arms and accentuate the shoulders. Stride like a future queen by trying on different bottoms, like denim or a skirt!

  • Striped Maxi Top:

A cross between a Western maxi dress and an Indian tunic, these top features vertical stripes. The white and black ensemble features a tie-up neck, three-quarter sleeves, and side slits that are quite high. Wearing form-fitting trousers or leggings will help to flatten this figure. Plus, you’ll look curvy thanks to the elastic waistband.


Women’s tops from ONLY are diverse and exciting, with something for every taste, occasion, and season. Women can express themselves through fashion with T-shirts, blouses, and crop tops. Understanding each type of top’s characteristics and styling options helps women create a wardrobe that matches their style and personality.